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REALSIM, by                    
First Line: Why do we gaze at the mud and the slime
Last Line: Instead of nobility's might?
Subject(s): Pessimism; Realism

Why do we gaze at the mud and the slime,
When there are clouds and the stars,
And the myriad beautiful sights to be seen
On this wonderful planet of ours?
We know there is mud and we know there is slime,
But we know there is blue sky and fair;
Why do we gaze at the scum and the filth
Instead of this loveliness rare?

Why unceasingly prate of his faults and his sins,
When the goodness of man is so great;
When there's love and compassion and tenderness deep,
More potent than envy and hate?
We know there is always the sin and the wrong,
But we know there is honor and right;
Why do we mention the evil and crime
Instead of nobility's might?

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