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HAUNTED HOUSE, by                    
First Line: Deserted, it stands in a cup
Last Line: By some lost loveliness?
Subject(s): Haunted Houses

Deserted, it stands in a cup
Of the hills at the edge of town.
Inside is a shadowy stair --
And who stood smiling up
To beauty smiling down
When the old house was fair?
For some reason or other
It is called the haunted house --
But no one seems to know!
Now climbing roses smother
The cries of hinge and shutter
When fragrant hill winds blow.
The sound of a gnawing mouse
Was all that broke the utter
Silence within. The hush
Outside was suddenly broken
By the rapture of a thrush --
As if old dreams had spoken
At last. Can we forget
What our own hearts confess?
That places are haunted yet
By some lost loveliness?

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