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INTERLUDE, by            
First Line: Bread of the world,' the choir sang
Last Line: Crept 'round the sculptured virgin's feet.
Subject(s): Altars; Churches; Clergy; Eucharist; Public Worship; Cathedrals; Priests; Rabbis; Ministers; Bishops; Communion; Church Attendance

"Bread of the world," the choir sang;
While deep within the chancel rang
The solemn bell, and incense sweet
Crept 'round the sculptured Virgin's feet
And then was wafted up and up.
The priest held the communion cup
Uplifted, in the Saviour's name,
And unto Him the people came.
They knelt beside the altar rail,
The old, the young, the strong, the frail.
To each in turn the young priest gave
The wine, with admonition grave;
When, as he came to one old man,
A ray of sunlight swiftly ran
And circled them—the young, the old.
The priest's fair hair was glowing gold,
His form erect, his face alight.
His purple stole and robe of white
Seemed shining raiment of a saint.
The radiant sunlight did not paint
The humble old man kneeling there
In colors such as youth may wear,
But touched his snow-white hair and spread
A wreath of light about his head.
He sipped the chalice, and the priest
Passed on. The sun's enchantment ceased.
"Wine of the soul," the choir sang;
And deep within the chancel rang
The solemn bell, while incense sweet
Crept 'round the sculptured Virgin's feet.

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