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FAG AN BEALAGH, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Hope no more for fatherland
Last Line: Foes of freedom, 'fag an bealagh!'
Subject(s): Nationalism - Ireland

'HOPE no more for fatherland,
All its ranks are thinned or broken;'
Long a base and coward band
Recreant words like these have spoken:
But we preach a land awoken;
Fatherland is true and tried
As your fears are false and hollow;
Slaves and dastards, stand aside --
Knaves and traitors, 'Fag an Bealagh!'

Know, ye suffering brethren ours,
Might is strong, but Right is stronger;
Saxon wiles or Saxon pow'rs
Can enslave our land no longer
Than your own dissensions wrong her;
Be ye one in might and mind --
Quit the mire where cravens wallow --
And your foes shall flee like wind
From your fearless 'Fag an Bealagh!'

Thus the mighty multitude
Speak in accents hoarse with sorrow:
'We are fallen, but unsubdued;
Show us whence we hope may borrow,
And we'll fight your fight to-morrow.
Be but cautious, true, and brave,
Where you lead us we will follow;
Hill and valley, rock and wave,
Soon shall hear our "Fag an Bealagh!"'

Fling our banner to the wind,
Studded o'er with names of glory;
Worth, and wit, and might, and mind,
Poet young, and patriot hoary,
Long shall make it shine in story.
Close your ranks -- the moment's come --
Now, ye men of Ireland! follow;
Friends of Freedom, charge them home --
Foes of Freedom, 'Fag an Bealagh!'

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