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MY GUEST, by            
First Line: Within my holy place
Last Line: To look upon thy face.
Alternate Author Name(s): Oxenham, John
Subject(s): Religion; Theology

Within my holy place
My Chiefest One is dwelling,
Not as a passing guest
But of His own houseling.
O, miracle of grace,
My whole heart's love compelling --
Within this tiny space
The Lord of all Good Life,
The Very Light of Life and Love
Is dwelling!
And now my happy tears
Have washed away my fears,
And, past all mortal telling,
Within my heart the tide of Love
To fullest flood is welling.

Praise be to Thee!
To Thee unending praise,
For all the glowing depth and height
Of these God-given days!
For Thy sweet grace
Which in this place
Doth time and space alike efface,
And, merging faith in heavenly sight,
Dares, with its inner mystic light,
To look upon Thy face.

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