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AN AIR CLOUD, by                    
First Line: I watched a little cloud one day
Last Line: But I was lying there.
Subject(s): Clouds; Sky; White (color)

I watched a little cloud one day,
As it was floating lazily
Above me in the sky;
It seemed to be suspended there—
Ethereal almost as air—
And then I wondered why.

I was an atom on the ground,
The bees droned lazily around—
A world without a care.
It was a perfect summer day
And dreamland was not far away
While I was lying there.

'Twas then that I commenced to rise
Like a soap bubble in the skies
Where once I saw that cloud;
And just as I was passing by,
I climbed aboard up high and dry
And heaved a sigh out loud.

I found the cloud was much too small
To hold me up without a fall,
So down we did descend;
It doubled up beneath my weight,
But still I did not hesitate
To hang on 'til the end.

When I was just about to jump
The earth gave us an awful thump—
That cloud was only air.
There were no fragments lying 'round
To show where we had struck the ground,
But I was lying there.

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