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LINDY-GRAMS: 1. LINDY'S FLIGHT, by                    
First Line: Straight as a bird upon its course
Last Line: Shall seldom see again.
Subject(s): Aviation & Aviators; Flight; Islands; Lindbergh, Charles Augustus (1902-1974); Sky; Travel; Airplanes; Air Pilots; Flying; Journeys; Trips

Straight as a bird upon its course,
With heart and instincts true,
From depths beneath to heights above,
Through sleet and fog he flew,
'Til night was done and morning's light
Revealed his glistening plane
In swiftest flight o'er British Isles,
Once more above terrain.

'Twas but two days, one night, between
The new world and the old;
One flight in air—the sea was passed—
The story has been told.
'Twas but a night and fame was won,
More precious far than gold,
And all the nations rose as one
To honor valor bold.

He circled Paris e'er his flight
Did end at Le Bourget:
His welcome was a nation's voice
Raised in a hymn of praise,
In which his homeland and the world
Joined in the glad refrain
With tributes such as mortal man
Shall seldom see again.

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