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LINDY-GRAMS: 2. LINDY FLEW, by            
First Line: When lindy flew across the sea
Last Line: "and brought back home our colonel ""slim."
Subject(s): Air; Aviation & Aviators; Flight; Lindbergh, Charles Augustus (1902-1974); Travel; Wings; Airplanes; Air Pilots; Flying; Journeys; Trips

When Lindy flew across the sea
He went alone, for then said he,
I'll surely have good company
Until I land at gay Paree.
While others chew the rag, said he,
I think the job is up to me
To find the pathway through the sky,
And show the others how to fly.

I'll get there safe enough all right—
Not later than tomorrow night.
Then Lindy bade them all good day,
Rose in the air, and flew away:
He sailed his plane both low and high,
Above the sea, beneath the sky;
Through wind and storm he made his way,
Through sleet and fog, by night and day.

As Ireland passed he heaved a sigh,
And then old England passed him by;
He crossed the Channel on his way
And landed safe at Le Bourget.
No longer then was Lindy free;
Captured by kings and royalty.
A U. S. warship rescued him,
And brought back home our Colonel "Slim."

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