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COLUMBUS THE WORLD-GIVER, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Who doubts has met defeat ere blows can fall
Last Line: Is one clear trumpet call to faith and will.
Subject(s): Columbus, Christopher (1451-1506); Explorers; Exploring; Discovery; Discoverers

Who doubts has met defeat ere blows can fall;
Who doubts must die with no palm in his hand;
Who doubts shall never be of that high band
Which clearly answer—Present! to Death's call.
For Faith is life, and, though a funeral pall
Veil our fair Hope, and on our promised land
A mist malignant hang, if Faith but stand
Among our ruins, we shall conquer all.
O faithful soul, that knew no doubting low;
O Faith incarnate, lit by Hope's strong flame,
And led by Faith's own cross to dare all ill
And find our world!—but more than this we owe
To thy true heart; thy pure and glorious name
Is one clear trumpet call to Faith and Will.

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