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A PORTRAIT, by                    
First Line: When she singeth through the silence
Last Line: What a white star's heart might be.

WHEN she singeth through the silence,
Springeth music as of birds—
And the birds have no songs sweeter
Than the music of her words.
If she sings where no birds be,
Still the silent place rejoices,
Bird-forsaken, for her voice is
What a rose's voice might be.

When she smileth you go thinking
Of the Spring in Winter days.
Crocus-cups and pale primroses—
Sunshine through a leafy maze;
Snow-drops where the snow-drifts be—
Spring in all midwinter places
You go finding—for her face is
What a new Spring's face might be.

When you know her you must love her,
Certes, love her like a star;
She is lifted far above you—
Very fair and very far.
She will smile for you and me,
But not love. Her soul apart is
With the flowers; and her heart is
What a white star's heart might be.

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