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First Line: Come, dear, for it is may. Leave work and book
Last Line: Come, dear.
Subject(s): May (month)

COME, dear, for it is May. Leave work and book,
And I will lead you to so sweet a nook
Whose green leaves make a little tender night,
With flowers for stars.
A thrush sings there, but singeth out of sight,
And a brook's silver feet run very near.
Come, dear.

The breeze will stir a bed of leaves for you,
And show some shy wood-violet, freshly blue;
Or through leaf-tangled boughs a patient bird
On a brown nest.
And from the grass which the bold breeze has stirred
We will pluck violets first of all the year.
Come, dear.

Come, dear; leave book and work these fair May hours;
The grass is pale with delicate, frail flowers. ...
What can a book say which can be so sweet
As a bird's song?
Or as white blossom-faces 'neath our feet?
When blossom-faces tire mine will be near.
Come, dear.

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