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ODE, by                    
First Line: I go forth from my dwelling
Last Line: I do not understand.
Alternate Author Name(s): Romains, Jules
Subject(s): Odes (as Poetic Form)

I go forth from my dwelling
Still drowsed with sleep;
A light rain
Patters on my hands.

But a breath of the dawning
Not my due
Clothes me and blends with
The last of my dreams.

And as a sigh
From a happy spirit,
So pure a breathing
Spreads through the heavens

That my heart is pierced
With the memory
Of mornings long before
When I went forth.

The days of my youth
Are all but over;
Many of life's falsehoods
No more impose on me.

But still I am moved
Strangely, strangely,
When this gleaming
Lights my way forth,

When on rainy mornings
The sky still breathes
Its cry of hope
I do not understand.

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