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THE TEACHER, by                    
First Line: I drudge and toil-but I have my hour
Last Line: And the grocery store?
Subject(s): Aulis, Greece; Endymion; Teaching & Teachers; Troy; Educators; Professors

I drudge and toil -- but I have my hour
As I sit in my high-backed chair,
With the wide adoring eyes of youth
Upon me there.

I tell them the tale of the mighty horse
That straddled the gates of Troy,
And it puts the wonder on Timothy,
The grocer's boy.

I tell them of fair Endymion
Who slept by the mountain stream;
And little Hubert, the tinsmith's lad,
Begins to dream.

And the tale of the winds and the Aulian maid
Who died on the golden sands
Makes David, the baker's son, look up
And wring his hands.

Oh, there is a dream that is lightly passed,
And one that is ne'er forgot!
But what will become of the dreaming lads
That I begot?

Who'll mend the kettles and pots and pans
Forever and ever more?
And what will become of the baker's shop,
And the grocery store?

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