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A PARTING WORD, by                    
First Line: We've worked a little, jim, my boy
Last Line: Before we say good-by.
Subject(s): Commencement; Farewell; Yale University; Graduation; Parting

WE'VE worked a little, Jim, my boy,
And thumbed our primers through,
And walked a bit, and talked a bit,
And smoked a pipe or two.
I'll not deny we've made mistakes, --
And noticed some too late.
(It's better to be honest, Jim,
In adding up the slate.)

We've kicked our heels against the fence,
And talked about the teams,
And criticized the ways of Yale,
About like most, it seems.
We've had our glass with Louis, too
And sung our little song,
And ended with our hearts -- I hope --
About where they belong.

The shoulder-rubbing has been long,
But, if we've stood the test,
It's taught us how to judge our friends
By what sticks out as best.
And if we haven't learned to win,
We've learned at least to try.
We've lots to thank the place for, Jim,
Before we say good-by.

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