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WE KNOW, by            
First Line: During this life that we have to live
Last Line: But stand firm and true until that day.
Subject(s): Faith; Belief; Creed

During this life that we have to live,
If we receive, we must surely give.

That others' rights we have to respect;
Many duties we must not neglect.

God has a plan for each day and year,
If we follow it, we need not fear.

This world is filled with sorrow and care,
Heartaches, loneliness, poverty, despair.

That would have always been our sad plight,
If Christ had not come to earth that night.

How much does He mean to us today,
The Babe that came to earth that glad day?

He brought joy, peace, happiness, and mirth
Down from high heaven to save the earth.

We can all have this peace in our heart,
If we live for Him and do our part.

Let us live for others, make them glad;
Help the needy, and comfort the sad.

Christ will look down from his home above
And bless our lives with His divine love.

We can make this year the best of all,
And know with His help we will not fall.

We haven't long on this earth to roam
Until He will say, "Well done, come home."

We must not sin and fall by the way,
But stand firm and true until that day.

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