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First Line: What is important to you?' she said. 'what is
Subject(s): Spring

"What is important to you?" she said. "What is
really important?" The February sun,
between snows, was doing its best,
slanting onto the fields, a better day
than yesterday for all of them. The mice
and voles, rabbits and squirrels,
would be having a better day. A few more like this one
and the trees would be fooled into budding. A scattering
of naive robins would be pecking at the lawn
for early worms. Another false spring.

"Oh, I suppose I know," he said. "It must be our two boys --
but you, of course, more than anything.
I care about my work, the house, the car.
And the land, definitely the land.
I wouldn't want to be without the trees
and that little stream by the house." It troubled him
that day and the next, not so much the question
as why she had asked. The question sounded darker
than it should. Why now? Was it somehow the weather?
Then it turned cold again, the sun disappeared, and it began to snow.

The snow barely covered the driveway, and the county plow
scraped past on the road, twirling its yellow light.
They could have driven to a movie or a restaurant.
Yet he felt bound to the house, and he built a fire
in the little red stove and sat with his chin on his fist.
"You're making trouble for yourself. You know that," she said.
"What did you think I meant? I'm not dissatisfied,
but I've wondered what you think of your life, and of me."
"I love it all," he said. "It all seems just fine."
But he thought, Why did she say "dissatisfied"?

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