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First Line: Only a little book of singing rhymes
Last Line: To spring at last in this new singer's heart.
Alternate Author Name(s): Faulks, Frederick J., Mrs.
Subject(s): Poetry & Poets; Singing & Singers; Songs

ONLY a little book of singing rhymes
Yet, when I read, there sudden seemed to ring
Soft to my ears the distant caroling
And happy note of silver-hearted chimes
That pealed in some Arcadian morning-tide
When like a rose on roses came the bride.

I know one morning, when the world was young
And Spring was like a maiden garbed in green,
Some Amaryllis turned to look and lean
When melodies like these her shepherd sung;
So clear, so delicate that scarce a bird
Could flute an answer to the notes he heard.

I think the great god Pan one day in mirth
Piped him a song too fine and exquisite
For weight of years to crush and silence it;
Too sweet to vanish wholly from the earth,
It loitered long in alien ways apart,
To spring at last in this new singer's heart.

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