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First Line: We question of the captains
Last Line: Nor craft, nor skill, nor wish, nor will lead back to arcady.
Alternate Author Name(s): Faulks, Frederick J., Mrs.
Subject(s): Arcadians; Boats; Arcadia

WE question of the Captains,
Each morning on the quay:
"Good Masters, have you ne'er a ship
That sails to Arcady?"
"North and East and South and West,
Our white sails take the wind,
But never port o' Arcady
May skipper touch or find."

O lost land and lovely land, across the leagues of foam,
Across the sea, across the sand it's we'd be winning home.
For that we chose to wander once in quest of golden gain,
Is never ship upon the sea can take us back again?

We question of the Merchants
Who trade by land and sea:
"Now pray you, Sirs, whence go the wares
You send to Arcady?"
"North and East, South and West,
We merchants buy and sell,
But where's the mart o' Arcady
Is more than man can tell."

O lost land of dear delights, beyond our wistful gaze,
We lost the way in noisy nights, in jarred and jangling days.
For that we kissed our love good-bye to follow Pleasure's crew
Is never path about the world can lead us back to you?

We question of the Wise Men:
"Fair Sirs, of courtesy,
Now show us where the glad star lies
That shines o'er Arcady?"
"North and East and South and West,
We call the stars by name,
But never land o' Arcady
Is lighted by their flame."

O lost land of faith and truth, not all our useless tears
May bring us back the dreams of youth across the crowded years.
Nor merchants in the market place, nor skippers on the sea,
Nor craft, nor skill, nor wish, nor will lead back to Arcady.

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