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THE BLACK WITCH, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Ye have driven me out from your court and your kirk
Last Line: Who wrought such a curse on me!
Alternate Author Name(s): Davis, Fannie Stearns
Subject(s): Witchcraft & Witches

YE have driven me out from your court and your kirk,
From your market-square and your mill;
Ye have branded my name, ye have wasted my work,
Ye have done me a deadly ill.

Ye have chased me to crags where the eagles cry,
And the sharp sun swallows the dew.
A Witch and a Devil's Wife am I?
Then why should I come to you?

The Black Plague walks in your shuddering street;
Your dead like herring lie thick.
With mantles over your mouths ye meet.
Ye take the dead for the quick.

God's Faith! My witchcraft could help you now!
My devils could daunt your death!
But I will stand under my rowan-bough
However ye waste your breath.

I will not come down, I will not come down,
Nor weave you one wizardry,
Though all the roofs o' the little red town
Go tumbling into the sea.

Though all the cracks o' the craggy Rock
Gape wide as the mouths o' Doom,
I will stand at the crest and make you a mock
Till ye long for the grave's gray gloom.

Black Plague! Black Plague! push open their doors!
Lie down in their beds this day!
Heavy and hard are my ancient scores.
Black Plague! but we make them pay!

Oh, up and up in the face of the sun
My voice like a flame shall flee,
With Curse on you, Curse on you, every one,
Who wrought such a curse on me!

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