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First Line: A man must live!' we justify
Last Line: Win life forever more.
Alternate Author Name(s): Stetson, Charlotte Perkins
Subject(s): Immortality; Religion; Theology

"A man must live!" We justify
Low shift and trick, to treason high;
A little vote for a little gold,
Or a whole Senate bought and sold,
With this self-evident reply—
"A man must live!"

But is it so? Pray tell me why
Life at such cost you have to buy.
In what religion were you told
A man must live?
There are times when a man must die!
There are times when a man will die!
Imagine for a battle-cry
From soldiers with a sword to hold,
From soldiers with a flag unfurled,
This coward's whine, this liar's lie,
"A man must live!"

The Saviour did not "live!"
He died!
But in his death was life—
Life for himself and all mankind!
He found his life by losing it!
And we, being crucified
Afresh with him, may find
Life in the cup of death,
And, drinking it,
Win life forever more.

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