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A HUSTLE FOR THE FAIR, by            
First Line: Come, hurry up, sonny
Last Line: So the last little webfoot can go to the fair.
Subject(s): Festivals; Fairs; Pageants

Come, hurry up, Sonny,
And rustle your money!
No time to chase chipmunks if you're to be there!
And you, Mollie and Bess,
Be a makin' that dress,
For this is the summer we go to the Fair!

They'll have all o' them shows
And nobody knows
How big it will be till a fellow gets there!
There's all the concessions
From foreign possessions—
And your quality cousins will be at the Fair!

The world's comin' our way,
But sharpers they say
Keep you watchin' your wallet and loaded for bear—
But we'll camp on the "Trail"
If it takes the last nail,
For we've dug mighty hard to help fix for the Fair.

Then hurry up, Johnny,
And rustle your money,
And get your new jacket and slick up your hair!
Turn the calf with the cow,
And arrange it somehow
So the last little Webfoot can go to the Fair.

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