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A HYMN FOR THE NEW AGE, by            
First Line: O master of the modern day
Last Line: Thrill us anew with holy power!
Subject(s): Religion; Theology

O Master of the modern day,
Our hearts are kindled as we know
Thou walkest still along life's way
As in the ages long ago!
And by the magic of Thy will
New worlds Thou art creating still.

We thank Thee that the truth moves on
With wireless wave and healing ray;
That yester's noon was but the dawn
Of brighter glories in our day.
And now by faith, in holy dream
We glimpse tomorrow's grander gleam.

We thank Thee that thou rulest still
This goodly orb on which we dwell—
That Thou dost still reveal Thy will
To those who would the dark dispel—
That upward o'er the peaks of time
Thy plan unfolds in form sublime.

Help us to keep Thee as our guest
While speeding o'er the highways grand,
Or cleave the air at Thy behest
To give some soul a helping hand!
Thy tireless Spirit leads the way
To heal the woes that throng our day!

Enlarge our minds to grasp Thy thought,
Enlarge our hearts to work Thy plan,
Assured Thy purpose faileth not
To put Thy spirit into man!
God of the present age and hour,
Thrill us anew with holy power!

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