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First Line: Dianas darlinges in a rownde
Last Line: Etc

Dianas darlinges in a rownde
sate twyninge garlonds on the grownde
whylst in the mydst of them theare playde
on Evory harpe a sober Ladd,
with noates full sweete and lookes full sadd,
As on for loste love much dismayde

He seemde to bee summ Jollye swayne
by his attyre of floras trayne
his roabe was woven Jessamyne,
a chapylett uppon hys heade
Composde of roses whyte and redd
And in the topp an Eglantyne.

Of flowres he sange the sundry kyndes
the Prymrose and the sweet woodbynds
the marygold that loves the Sunn
the paynted Paunce the Eyes delyght
The violett that cheares the spryght
The Hyacynth so woe begunn.

But when of Eglantyne he spake
his strynges mellodiously he strake
The Albion flowre so fayer so pure
whose Excellen[c] doothe well declare
whatt worthy braunch thys blossom bare
Shee woonnes in plesaunte Meryfleur

Greate flora Sommers soveraygn queene
to make hyr glory to us seene
from Paradys dyd fetch this flowre
It fyrst was planted in that place
and after grafte in humane race
Butt styll enspyrd with heavenly powre

Then hyr hye lynage lowde he rynges
deryved from the Dardane kynges
discendinge to the Conqueringe lyne
wheare stately stryff he doothe recyte
betweene the redd rose and the whyte
apeasde in thys brave Eglantyne.

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