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JUAN CABRILLO, by            
First Line: You must have dreamed of many sights and sounds
Last Line: Remembering that far september day.
Subject(s): Portugal; Sailing & Sailors; Seamen; Sails

You must have dreamed of many sights and sounds
That were unknown to you and to the ones
Who dwelt with you, beneath the brilliant suns
Of distant Portugal. Upon their rounds
The dark-skinned sentries watching royal grounds
Must have observed beyond their threatening guns
A wide-eyed boy, who as the river runs
To join the sea, chafed at his narrow bounds.
And so at last your galleys proudly came
Upon uncharted waters, found their way
Where high Point Loma guards our matchless bay.
And there that all may know your right to fame
We place your statue and your honored name,
Remembering that far September day.

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