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MOUNTAIN WIND, by            
First Line: Watchful, in a canyon resting
Last Line: Hurtling to the sea.
Subject(s): Sea Monsters; Storms; Wind; Sea Serpents

Watchful, in a canyon resting,
For a crevice outlet questing;
Hoping for exciting changes—
Whistling to the stars. ....
Spying cleft—you split asunder
Trees and rocks with crash of thunder;
Climb the mighty, giant ranges,
Bursting all your bars.
Raging through the massive mountains,
Flirting with cascading fountains
Under far-flung skies.
Wreaking then your strength Satanic,
On the spires that tower titanic,
Far from human eyes.
Rampant to the sky a-flinging,
Booming, swirling, madly singing
Through immensity. ...
Plunging down from higher levels,
Shrieking as a thousand devils,
Hurtling to the sea.

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