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ADRIAN BLOCK'S SONG, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Hard aport! Now close to shore sail!
Last Line: And I name it roses island.
Subject(s): America - Exploration; Block, Adrian; Netherlands; Holland; Dutch People

HARD aport! Now close to shore sail!
Starboard now, and drop your foresail!
See, boys, what yon bay discloses,
What yon open bay discloses!
Where the breeze so gently blows is
Heaven's own land of ruddy roses.

Past the Cormorant we sail,
Past the rippling Beaver Tail,
Green with summer, red with flowers,
Green with summer, fresh with showers,
Sweet with song and red with flowers,
Is this new-found land of ours!

Roses close above the sand,
Roses on the trees on land,
I shall take this land for my land,
Rosy beach and rosy highland,
And I name it Roses Island.

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