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BURLESQUE ADDRESS; ON OPENING OF NEW PARK THEATRE, 1821, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Ladies and gentlemen, / enlighten'd as you are, you all must know
Last Line: The lord bless beekman and john jacob astor.
Alternate Author Name(s): Croaker
Subject(s): Buildings & Builders; New York City - 19th Century; Theater & Theaters; Stage Life

Ladies and gentlemen,
Enlighten'd as you are, you all must know
Our playhouse was burnt down, some time ago
Without insurance—'Twas a famous blaze,
Fine fun for firemen, but dull sport for plays.
The proudest of our whole dramatic corps
Such warm reception never met before.
It was a woeful night for us and ours;
Worse than dry weather to the fields and flowers.
The evening found us gay as summer's lark,
Happy as sturgeons in the Tappan Sea;
The morning—like the dove from Noah's Ark,
As homeless, houseless, innocent as she,
But—thanks to those who ever have been known
To love the public interest—when their own;
Thanks to the men of talent and of trade,
Who joy in doing well—when they're well paid,
Again our fire-worn mansion is rebuilt,
Inside and outside, neatly carv'd and gilt,
With best of paint and canvas, lath and plaster,
The Lord bless Beekman and John Jacob Astor.

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