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AMANTES, AMENTES, by            
First Line: Lovers, lunatics. There must be truth
Last Line: A thing I realize I ought not to!
Subject(s): Fools; Love - Nature Of; Youth; Idiots

Lovers, lunatics. There must be truth
In that ironic quip. I am a youth
Who prides himself on wisdom, yet it seems
That I am now more mad than futile dreams.
But I am puzzled. Since a lover must
Be crazy, why is that you would trust
No man, despite your saying that you love
Me? I believe you make a fitting glove
Of that colossal feeling that you call
Love. For whenever it becomes a pall,
You simply take the glove off. It is strange
That you can find it so facile to change
At will these whims of yours. I fear that you
Are really not in love, for if you knew
And felt that subtle stab, you would not be
So ordered and so easy, nor so free.
You would not care if I should any day
Allow myself to have my sweeping way
With you. You would not mind if I should do
A thing I realize I ought not to!

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