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TANKA OF THE WISE, by            
First Line: It is possible
Last Line: Tells an incredible tale.
Subject(s): Proverbs; Maxims; Adages

"It is possible,"
Says Wan Lo, admitting his
"That many men have so much
Money because they earned it."

Hashimura Tai
Has been a success in Life.
It is very strange.
For according to Who's Who,
He was never a newsboy.

"Ah, my dear young man,"
(Wan Lo is speaking to me)
"The wish is sometimes,
Besides the mother of thought,
The entire ancestry, too."

Wan Lo is cautious.
"Follow not in the footsteps
Of great men," he says,
"For frequently you will find
That these great men had big feet."

Old Wan Lo is kind.
"There is hope," he believes, "for
The man who says the
Obvious: He may become
The President of the Land."

Hashimura Tai
Is a cultured gentleman
Who has the courage
Of his convictions. But he
Keeps them only to himself!

It has been revealed
That money talks. Wan Lo says
That money often
Whispers, and that sometimes it
Tells an incredible tale.

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