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SONNET: 2. TO THE SAME (AUGUST WILLIAM VON SCHLEGEL), by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Contented not with thine own property
Last Line: Enrich the scholar and the joyful heir.
Subject(s): Schlegel, August Wilhelm Von (1767-1845)

CONTENTED not with thine own property,
The Rhine's fair Nibelung-treasure thou didst steal,
The wondrous gifts the Thames' far banks conceal, --
The Tagus' flowers were boldy pluck'd by thee,
Thou mad'st the Tiber many a gem reveal,
The Seine paid tribute to thine industry,
Thou pierced'st e'en to Brama's sanctuary,
Pearls from the Ganges taking in thy zeal.
Thou greedy man, I pray thee be content
With that which seldom unto man is lent;
Instead of adding more, to spend prepare!
And with the treasures which thou with such ease
From North and South accustom'd wert to seize,
Enrich the scholar and the joyful heir.

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