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THE CHANGE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: With brunettes I now have finish'd
Last Line: Klopstock wrote some time ago?
Subject(s): Change; Faith; Hair; Soul; Belief; Creed

WITH brunettes I now have finish'd,
And this year am once more fond
Of the eyes whose colour blue is,
Of the hair whose colour's blond.

Mild the blond one, whom I love now,
And in meekness quite a gem!
She would be some blest saint's image,
Held her hand a lily stem.

Slender limbs of wondrous beauty,
Little flesh, much sympathy;
All her soul is glowing but for
Faith and hope and charity.

She maintains she understands not
German, -- but it can't be so;
Hast ne'er read the heavenly poem
Klopstock wrote some time ago?

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