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THE CONSECRATION, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Lonely in the forest chapel
Last Line: Where the myrtle blooms for ever.
Subject(s): Forests; Life; Love; Smiles; Woods

LONELY in the forest chapel,
At the image of the Virgin,
Lay a gentle, pallid stripling,
Bent in humble adoration.

O Madonna! Let me ever
On the threshold here be kneeling;
Thou wilt never drive me from thee,
To the world so cold and sinful.

O Madonna! Sunny radiance
Round thy head's bright locks is gleaming,
And a mild sweet smile is playing
Round thy fair mouth's holy roses.

O Madonna! Thine eyes' lustre
Lightens me like stars in heaven;
While life's bark doth drift at random,
Stars lead on for ever surely.

O Madonna! Without wavering
I have borne thy test of sorrow,
On kind love relying blindly,
In thy glow alone e'er glowing.

O Madonna! This day hear me,
Full of mercy, rich in wonders!
Grant me then a sign of favour,
Just one little sign of favour.

Then presently happen'd a marvellous wonder.
The forest and chapel were parted insunder;
The boy understood not the miracle strange,
For all around him did suddenly change.

In a brilliant hall there sat the Madonna,
Her rays were gone, as he gazed upon her;
She bore the form of a lovely maid,
Around her lips a childlike smile play'd.

And see! from her fair and flowing tresses
She steals a lock, as she thus addresses
In a heavenly tone, the raptured boy:
The sweetest reward on earth enjoy!

What attests this consecration?
Saw'st thou not the rainbow shedding
Its sublime illumination,
O'er the wide horizon spreading?

Angels up and down are moving,
Loudly do their pinions flutter;
Breathing music strange and loving,
Sweet the melodies they utter.

Well the stripling knows the yearning
Through his frame that now doth quiver;
To that land his footsteps turning,
Where the myrtle blooms for ever.

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