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First Line: Oh thou! Whose soft, bewitching lyre
Last Line: Enhance my joys and soothe my cares!
Alternate Author Name(s): Browne, Felicia Dorothea
Subject(s): Music & Musicians

OH thou! whose soft, bewitching lyre
Can lull the sting of pain to rest;
Oh thou! whose warbling notes inspire
The pensive muse with visions blest:
Sweet music! let thy melting airs
Enhance my joys and soothe my cares!

Is there enchantment in thy voice,
Thy dulcet harp, thy moving measure;
To bid the mournful mind rejoice,
To raise the fairy form of pleasure?
Yes, heavenly maid! a charm is thine,
A magic art, a spell divine!

Sweet music! when thy notes we hear,
Some dear remembrance oft they brin
Of friends beloved, no longer near,
And days that flew on rapture's wing
Hours of delight that long are past,
And dreams of joy, too bright to last!

And oft 'tis thine the soul to fire,
With glory's animating flame,
Bid valour's noble sons aspire
To win th' immortal wreath of fame,
Thine, too, the soft, expressive tones
That pity, tender pity owns!

Oh harmony! celestial power,
Thou syren of the melting soul!
In sorrow's reign, in pleasure's hour,
My heart shall own thy blest control;
And ever let thy moving airs,
Enhance my joys and soothe my cares!

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