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ANCIENT GREEK SONG OF EXILE, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Where is the summer, with her golden sun?
Last Line: -- far from my own bright land!
Alternate Author Name(s): Browne, Felicia Dorothea
Subject(s): Exiles; Greece; Greeks

WHERE is the summer with her golden sun? --
That festal glory hath not passed from earth:
For me alone the laughing day is done!
Where is the summer with her voice of mirth
-- Far in my own bright land!

Where are the Fauns, whose flute-notes breathe and die
On the green hills? -- the founts, from sparry caves
Through the wild places bearing melody? --
The reeds, low whispering o'er the river waves?
-- Far in my own bright land?

Where are the temples, through the dim wood shining,
The virgin dances, and the choral strains?
Where the sweet sisters of my youth entwining
The spring's first roses for their sylvan fanes?
-- Far in my own bright land!

Where are the vineyards, with their joyous throngs,
The red grapes pressing when the foliage fades?
The lyres, the wreaths, the lovely Dorian songs,
And the pine forests, and the olive shades?
-- Far in my own bright land!

Where the deep haunted grots, the laurel bowers,
The Dryad's footsteps, and the minstrel's dreams? --
Oh, that my life were as a southern flower's! --
I might not languish then by these chill streams,
-- Far from my own bright land!

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