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LINES WRITTEN IN MEMORY OF ELIZABETH SMITH, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Oh thou, whose pure, exalted mind
Last Line: Perfection's day.
Alternate Author Name(s): Browne, Felicia Dorothea

OH thou, whose pure, exalted mind
Lives in this record, fair and bright,
Oh thou, whose blameless life combined
Soft female charms and grace refined
With science and with light.
Celestial maid! whose spirit soared
Beyond this vale of tears;
Whose clear, enlightened eye explored
The lore of years!

Daughter of heaven! if here, e'en here,
The wing of towering thought was thine;
If, on this dim and mundane sphere,
Fair truth illumed thy bright career
With morning star divine;
How must thy blest, ethereal soul,
Now kindle in her noon-tide ray;
And hail, unfettered by control,
The fount of day.

E'en now, perhaps, thy seraph-eyes,
Undimmed by doubt, nor veiled by fear
Behold a chain of wonders rise,
Gaze on the noonbeam of the skies,
Transcendent, pure, and clear.
E'en now the fair, the good, the true,
From mortal sight concealed,
Bless in one blaze thy raptured view,
In light revealed!

If here, the lore of distant time,
And learning's flowers were all thine own;
How must thy mind ascend, sublime,
Matured in heaven's empyreal clime,
To light's unclouded throne,
Perhaps, e'en now, thy kindling glance
Each orb of living fire explores;
Darts o'er creation's wide expanse,
Admires -- adores.

Oh! if that lightning-eye surveys
This dark and sublunary plain;
How must the wreath of human praise,
Fade, wither, vanish, in thy gaze,
So dim, so pale, so vain.

How like a faint and shadowy dream,
Must quiver learning's brightest ray;
While on thy eyes, with lucid stream,
The sun of glory pours his beam.
Perfection's day.

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