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CRADLE SONG OF THE FISHERMAN'S WIFE, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Swung in the hollows of the deep
Last Line: Sleep, sleep.
Subject(s): Fish & Fishing; Anglers

Swung in the hollows of the deep,
While silver stars their watches keep,
Sleep, my seabird, sleep!
Our boat the glistening fishes fill,
Our prow turns homeward--hush, be still;
Sleep, my seabird, sleep--
Sleep, sleep.

The wind is springing from out the West,
Nestle thee deeper in mother's breast,
Rest, my seabird, rest!
There is no sea our boat could whelm
While thy brave father is at the helm,
Rest, my seabird, rest--
Rest, rest.

The foam flies past us like beaten cream,
The waves break over, the fierce winds scream;
Dream, my seabird, dream!
Dream of the cot, where high and low,
Crimson and white, the roses blow;
Dream, my seabird, dream--
Dream, dream.

What though the tempest is on the deep?
Heaven will guard thee--do not weep;
Sleep, my seabird, sleep!
Be brave as a fisherman's child should be,
Rocked in the hollows of the sea,
Sleep, my seabird, sleep--
Sleep, sleep.

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