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THE TITANIC, by                    
First Line: Steaming so swift and boldly
Last Line: How quickly its is brought to naught.
Subject(s): Disasters; Ships & Shipping; Shipwrecks; Titanic (ship)

Steaming so swift and boldly
Built so firm from keel to deck,
Thinking no power could daunt her,
No wind, nor wave could wreck.

But deep down in their water pathway
Lay that foe so cold and still,
To wreck that floating palace,
And many hearts to ever still.

Little ones were made orphans,
Widows and mothers left forlorn,
When those souls sank forever
On that star-lit heavenly morn.

Fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters;
Infants on their mothers' breasts
Were torn from one another
To struggle and die in the foaming crest

Wives and husbands on the deck
With a parting kiss said good-bye,
While many in love's tender embrace
Remained in each other's arms to die.

Poverty and wealth went hand in hand;
Side by side they sank.
God showed no distinction
In station, creed or rank.

Then from the sinking deck
A sweet melody waved o'er the lee
Between each shriek and groan
"Nearer, My God, to Thee."

This proves how frail man doth build,
And by it a lesson we are taught,
When compared to the work of God
How quickly its is brought to naught.

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