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First Line: Now lock my chamber-door, father
Last Line: And the dear home beyond them!
Alternate Author Name(s): The Ettrick Shepherd; The Bard Of Ettrick
Subject(s): Despair; Mothers-in-law

NOW lock my chamber-door, father,
And say you left me sleeping;
But never tell my step-mother
Of all this bitter weeping.
No earthly sleep can ease my smart,
Or even awhile reprieve it;
For there's a pang at my young heart
That never more can leave it!

Oh, let me lie, and weep my fill
O'er wounds that heal can never
And oh, kind Heaven! were it thy will,
To close these eyes for ever.
For how can maid's affections dear
Recall her love unshaken?
Or how can heart of maiden bear
To know that heart forsaken?

Oh, why should vows so fondly made,
Be broken ere the morrow --
To one who loved as never maid
Loved in this world of sorrow!
The look of scorn I cannot brave,
Nor pity's eye more dreary;
A quiet sleep within the grave
Is all for which I weary!

Farewell, dear Yarrow's mountains green,
And banks of broom so yellow!
Too happy has this bosom been
Within your arbours mellow.
That happiness is fled for ay,
And all is dark desponding --
Save in the opening gates of day,
And the dear home beyond them!

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