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LACHLAN JACK, by                    
First Line: Axemen? Gippslanders and tassies?
Last Line: That they kept him snug and dry!
Alternate Author Name(s): 6 X 8
Subject(s): Labor & Laborers; Lumber & Lumbering; Work; Workers; Woodsmen

AXEMEN? Gippslanders and Tassies?
Sonny mine, you make me smile!
To those chopping guns you mention
Lachlan Jack can give a mile!

What was that you whispered, sonny?
Where the devil were you dried!
Never heard of Jack the Axeman,
Over on the Lachlan-side?

Jack was bred on Weddin Mountains,
And from Grenfell out to Bourke,
To him nought can hold the candle
When it comes to timber-work!

Gidgee, myall, box and jarrah,
Ironbark or mountain-gum!
He goes through 'em like a sawmill,
And he downs 'em as they come!

Saw him chopping for a wager—
He has not been beat as yet—
It was raining cats and dogs, and
We were getting soaking wet.

But he swung his seven-pounder,
And he caused the chips to fly
In such lightning-like succession
That they kept him snug and dry!

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