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SUGGESTED BY A BUNCH OF ENGLISH GRAPES, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: We did not wear a leafy crown
Last Line: To brim her dimpled lap.
Subject(s): Grapes

WE did not wear a leafy crown,
And darkly glance to darker glance,
Under the green leaf and the brown,
Wooing the eyes of maids of France
With very bloomy down:
We stain'd not hands with purple blood
In golden Arno's pleasant vale,
Where the proud Brothers quench'd the stain,
And saw two murderers in the flood
With faces guilty-pale:
Nor on the sunny hills of Spain
We used to drink the sun and twine
Long amorous tendrils to entrap
The careless finger of maid to linger
And pluck us from the trembling vine
To brim her dimpled lap.

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