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VAUXHALL, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Come, come, I am very / disposed to be merry
Last Line: I go from vauxhall!
Subject(s): Vauxhall Gardens, London

COME, come, I am very
Disposed to be merry --
So hey! for a wherry
I beckon and ball!
'Tis dry, not a damp night,
And pleasure will tramp light
To music and lamp light
At shining Vauxhall!

Ay, here's the dark portal --
The check-taking mortal
I pass, and turn short all
At once on the blaze --
Names famous in story,
Lit up con amore,
All flaming in glory,
Distracting the gaze!

Oh my name lies fallow --
Fame never will hallow
In red light and yellow
Poetical toil --
I've long tried to write up
My name, and take flight up;
But ink will not light up
Like cotton and oil!

But sad thoughts, keep under! --
The painted Rotunder
Invites me. I wonder
Who's singing so clear?
'Tis Sinclair, high-flying,
Scotch ditties supplying;
But some hearts are sighing
For Dignum, I fear!

How bright is the lustre,
How thick the folks muster,
And eagerly cluster,
On bench and in box, --
Whilst Povey is waking
Sweet sounds, or the taking
Kate Stephens is shaking
Her voice and her locks!

What clapping attends her! --
The white doe befriends her --
How Braham attends her
Away by the hand,
For Love to succeed her;
The Signor doth heed her,
And sigheth to lead her
Instead of the band!

Then out we all sally --
Time's ripe for the Ballet,
Like bees they all rally
Before the machine! --
But I am for tracing
The bright walks and facing
The groups that are pacing
To see and be seen.

How motely they mingle --
What men might one single,
And names that would tingle
Or tickle the ear --
Fresh Chinese contrivers
Of letters -- survivors
Of pawnbrokers -- divers
Beau Tibbses appear!

Such little and great men,
And civic and state men --
Collectors and rate-men --
How pleasant to nod
To friends -- to note fashions,
To make speculations
On people and passions --
To laugh at the odd!

To sup on true slices
Of ham -- with fair prices
For foul -- while cool ices
And liquors abound --
To see Blackmore wander,
A small salamander,
Adown the rope yonder,
And light on the ground!

Oh, the fireworks are splendid;
But darkness is blended --
Bright things are soon ended,
Fade quickly and fall!
There goes the last rocket! --
Some cash out of pocket,
By stars in the socket,
I go from Vauxhall!

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