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A TWILIGHT SONG, by                    
First Line: When swallows fly
Last Line: To me again.
Subject(s): Evening; Shadows; Sky; Stars; Sunset; Twilight

WHEN swallows fly
On wistful wings,
And the rose-flushed sky
The darkness brings, —
Sing, shadowy pines,
Of the sail-winged sea,
And sing, O day,
Thy memory.

When the salt sea tide
Returns again,
O'er reaches wide,
With its sad refrain, —
Sing, wailing tern,
The day forget,
To dreams return,
Leave old regret.

When ways to wander
Allure no more,
Stay, wind, to ponder
Beside my door, —
As some sea-shell
Sings of the sea
With its deep swell,
Sing thou to me.

When twilight falls,
And from afar
A lone thrush calls
The first pale star, —
Sing, wind of the shadows,
Sing, wraith of the rain,
In the quiet meadows,
To me again.

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