Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, IN THE SAN JOAQUIN, by NORMAN HUTCHINSON

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IN THE SAN JOAQUIN, by            
First Line: Across the hills the screeching blue-jays fly
Last Line: Across the hills.
Subject(s): Bluejays

ACROSS the hills the screeching blue-jays fly
In countless flocks, and as they hasten by
The children look up from their merry play
To watch them slowly, slowly fade away;
And night steals up the corners of the sky.

No silent, trembling star shines there, on high;
The hollow rivers, that were still and dry,
Begin to murmur; falls a gentle spray
Across the hills.

The stubble colors through the fallen hay,
And infant grasses pin the moistened clay;
The drooping trees shake off their dust and sigh;
And waking nature, with a gladdened eye,
Beholds the summer lose its ending day,
Across the hills.

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