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HE MEDIATES ON THE LIFE OF A RICH MAN, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: A golden cradle under you, and you young
Last Line: Than ned the beggar or seaghan the fool?
Subject(s): Wealth; Riches; Fortunes

A golden cradle under you, and you young;
A right mother and a strong kiss.
A lively horse, and you a boy;
A school and learning and close companions.
A beautiful wife, and you a man;
A wide house and everything that is good.
A fine wife, children, susbtance;
Cattle, means, herds and flocks.
A place to sit, a place to lie down;
Plenty of food and plenty to drink.
After that, an old man among old men;
Respect on you and honour on you.
Head of the court, of the jury, of the meeting,
And the counsellors not the worse for having you.
At the end of your days death, and then
Hiding away; the boards and the church.
What are you better after tonight
Than Ned the beggar or Seaghan the fool?

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