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THE RETURN, by            
First Line: Wide open, ye doors, and raise up high, o gate
Last Line: Rejoicing as bridegroom that greeteth his bride.
Subject(s): Flags; Israel; Jews; Nations; Zionism; Judaism


WIDE open, ye doors, and raise up high, O gate,
We are coming again, who have waited so long—
With shouts and rejoicing, with music and song;
Then haste ye, companions, nor linger nor wait.


O not as a beggar that seeketh for alms,
As conquering host ye are coming to me,
From valley and mountain, from land and from sea
With thunder of trumpets and waving of palms.


Our flag shall be planted on Zion's fair side,
We shall rest in its shade, who have wandered so long,
Our tears turned to laughter, our sighs into song,
Rejoicing as Bridegroom that greeteth his Bride.

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