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THE PURCHASE, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Once on a gold may morning
Last Line: "despair's was what you took!"
Subject(s): Despair; Merchants

Once, on a gold May morning,
As I walked through a town,
I met a Merchant crying,
"One white, one purple gown!"

He stopped me, swift demanding,
"Which will you have of me?
This white -- is yours for nothing!
This purple -- thalers three!"

"I'll take from you, Old Merchant,
The gown for which I pay!"
I gayly donned the garment
And went my careless way!

The skies grew dark and darker;
A fog brought mystery;
Beside me stalked black shadows
That pecked the heart of me!

I sought the wary Merchant;
He gave me but one look:
"Hope's robe was yours for nothing!
Despair's was what you took!"

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