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First Line: When our cook she makes a pie
Last Line: You never et such apple-pie!
Subject(s): Apple Pie; Cooking & Cooks; Food & Eating; Pies; Cookery

When our cook she makes a pie
You oughter see her fingers fly!
She sits an' holds a yeller bowl
An' stirs so fast she keeps a hole
Down through the middle of the stuff;
There's milk an' egg, an' flour enough,
And maybe other things, but I
Ferget just all that makes a pie!

When our cook she makes a pie
She rolls the dough, that, by an' by,
Is two round blankets; then you'll see
Her slice some apples evenly.
Plump into bed she makes 'em hop,
An' cuts some peep-holes through the top
So they won't smother when they lie
All warm an' sugared in the pie.

When our cook she makes a pie
She balances the plate up high,
And with a pleasant, snippy sound
She trims it nicely all around.
And when she's thumbed the edges tight,
The apples can't get up at night.
And when she's baked it, then, oh my!
You never et such apple-pie!

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