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First Line: There isn't anythin' that's worse
Last Line: They're awful ignerunt of boys!
Subject(s): Boys; Child Care; Children; Nurses; Baby Sitters; Governesses; Childhood

There isn't anythin' that's worse
Than for a boy to have a nurse.
For even when she helps y' play,
She's alwuz gettin' in th' way;
There's so few things she understands,
She's just a bother on your hands.

I learned this, cuz a boy I know
Has one that never lets him go.
First time we met, I thought that such
A feller wasn't good for much.
He licked me, though, an' sat on top
Until his nurse she made him stop.

And afterwards, why him an' me
We're just as friendly as can be,
An' I am sure that nurse-girl is
His parents' fault instead of his.
They ought to know she just annoys,—
They're awful ignerunt of boys!

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