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STAR OF THE MORNING, by            
First Line: He is the star of the morning
Last Line: He means all to the hearts of men.
Subject(s): Jesus Christ

He is the Star of the Morning,
The bright Rose of Sharon is He;
Of ten thousand, He is the Fairest:
No mortal, like Him, could e'er be.
The Lily, He is, of the Valley;
He was known as the Son of Man,
The Way, and the Door, and the Shepherd,
The Priest, and the Light, and the Lamb.

He is the Prince in the Kingdom,
And lawfully Heir to the Throne;
The Root and the Offspring of David,
And He is the Plant of Renown.
Alpha, He is, and Omega,
The First and the Last e'er to be;
The Captain of our Salvation,
The Life Everlasting is He.

He is the Lion of Judah,
And He is our Prophet and King;
First-born of every creature,
He was known as the Nazarene.
A Ransom, He is, and Redeemer,
And Servant, though Saviour of men;
Counselor, Judge, and Emmanuel,
And He is the Chief Cornerstone.

Head of the Church, and the High Priest,
Resurrection and Life He is:
The Lord of the Holy Prophets,
Yet the meek servant's place he chose.
He is Jehovah, the Just One;
His message to earth is good news:
He, the Desire of the Nations,
Had come as the King of the Jews.

Shiloh, He was to the nations,
The Light of the World e'er to shine;
Of faith, the Author and Finisher,
And He is the Root and the Vine.
The One Altogether Lovely,
Yesterday, today, all the same;
Bread of Life, Day Spring, and Saviour,
He means all to the hearts of men.

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