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ONE WOMAN, by            
First Line: She never bent
Last Line: God lives -- and understands!
Subject(s): Women

She never bent
Her knee in prayer,
That I know.
Or ever raised her eyes to heaven
To bespeak her discontent --
Or voice her woe.
Some called her "Sinner,"
Because she never uttered -- "God,"
Nor was she, to any stated creed
* * * And yet
When a sudden turn of road
Revealed a star,
Or creviced rock -- a bloom,
I have felt her pulses quicken
To a throb -- in reverent wonder
I have seen blue cords thicken
In her strained, white throat
Because a robin's wing
Lay broken, bleeding
In her hands;
Her sweet voice inarticulate
Before the poignant cry
Of the bruised bird's mate.
* * * And this is why
I know that somehow -- somewhere
In her love for Beauty
And great pitying Heart
God lives -- and understands!

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